Pastor Steven Furtick to Launch a New Book “DO THE NEW YOU: 6 Mindsets to Become Who You Were Created to Be.”

Pastor steven furtick
Pastor Steven Furtick

New York Times best-selling author and Lead Pastor of Elevation Church, Steven Furtick, has exciting news for his readers. He is set to release a new book in February 2024, titled “DO THE NEW YOU: 6 Mindsets to Become Who You Were Created to Be.” This book marks Furtick’s first new publication in seven years.

In “DO THE NEW YOU,” Pastor Steven Furtick offers readers a powerful guide to living out their God-given identity and calling. The book presents six transformative mindsets designed to shift focus, emotions, and actions to align with God’s unique vision for each individual. These mindsets are practical, actionable, and can be implemented at any time, in any place, and at any stage of one’s life journey:

  1. I’m not stuck unless I stop.
  2. Christ is in me. I am enough.
  3. With God, there’s always a way, and by faith, I will find it.
  4. God is not against me, but He’s in it with me, working through me, fighting for me.
  5. My joy is my job.
  6. God has given me everything I need for the season I’m in.

Pastor steven furtick do the new you

Steven Furtick’s book aims to help readers discover and embrace their unique identity and purpose. It emphasizes the idea that God isn’t just calling us to be ourselves but to become the new, powerful individuals He created and called us to be.

Furtick’s insights have the potential to inspire and guide individuals on their journeys of self-discovery, faith, and personal growth. As a highly influential Christian communicator and author, Furtick’s upcoming book is eagerly anticipated by readers looking to explore their God-given potential and live authentically.

With “DO THE NEW YOU,” Steven Furtick continues his mission of helping people find and fulfill their purpose in Christ, offering practical wisdom and actionable steps to empower readers to become the individuals they were uniquely created to be.

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