Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake Experience Explosive Worship and Gospel Responses on Summer Tour

Phil wickham and brandon lake
Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake

Phil Wickham, the award-winning Christian artist, has been amazed as thousands of people have committed their lives to Jesus during his tour with Brandon Lake. This summer, the two artists embarked on the Summer Worship Nights Tour, where they have been leading worship and sharing the Gospel.

Wickham recently released his 10th studio album, “I Believe,” and has been thanking God for the opportunity to witness people come to faith in Jesus Christ during the tour. While sharing worship and music was their primary focus, Wickham and Lake felt led to offer a Gospel presentation each night. As a result, thousands of people have responded by lifting their hands and expressing their desire to know Jesus.

Following these moments, Wickham and Lake have encouraged the new believers to get connected with local churches, ensuring they have the support and community they need as they embark on their faith journey.

Reflecting on the tour, Wickham expressed that it has been a profound experience, with sold-out concerts filled with believers passionately worshiping. He described it as his favorite tour yet, noting that the Church has come together in an unprecedented way, with audiences in various cities responding to the message of salvation.

Wickham’s song “Til I Found You” from his album “I Believe” beautifully captures the theme of coming to Jesus, and he has been able to witness the reality of this song as people have been committing their hearts to God during the tour.

The artist recounted an emotional moment when a row of security guards at a venue raised their hands to receive Christ, and the audience in the front row hugged them in celebration.

Wickham emphasized the importance of staying intentional about one’s commitment to God and maintaining a soft heart toward the Holy Spirit and the things of God. He encouraged fellow leaders of the faith to continuously seek fresh revelations from Jesus and to spend time in His presence.

Throughout the tour, Wickham has also seen members of his crew come to faith in Christ, emphasizing that people are looking for Jesus even if they don’t realize it. He urged believers not to hold back the treasure of their testimony and to share how Jesus has changed their lives with those around them.

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