Red Street Records Leaves a Lasting Mark at the 2023 Big Machine Music City Grand Prix

Red street records at music city grand prix
Red Street Records At Music City Grand Prix

Nashville’s 2023 Big Machine Music City Grand Prix witnessed an unforgettable spectacle as Red Street Records, a powerhouse in the music industry, took the stage with performances by six of their talented artists. The label’s visionary CEO, Jay DeMarcus, further elevated the event with a stirring national anthem rendition, accompanied by the incredible voices of Jason Crabb and Jason Scheff.

The electrifying extravaganza kicked off with a high-energy performance by RSR Country’s celebrated flagship artist, Ryan Griffin. The crowd was treated to a medley of chart-topping hits including the infectious “Salt, Lime & Tequila,” along with a captivating showcase of new tracks from his latest EP, “Phases.” Keeping the momentum alive, Neon Union, a dynamic duo under the Red Street umbrella, followed up with a powerhouse performance. Their setlist encompassed a fusion of party anthems and soulful country ballads from their acclaimed EP “Double Wide Castle Sessions.”

Label CEO Jay DeMarcus shares, “I couldn’t be more proud to have Red Street Records represented so strongly at this year’s Big Machine Music City Grand Prix. Our artists absolutely crushed it, and I’m incredibly honored over the opportunity to open the race singing the national anthem alongside my good friends Jason Crabb and Jason Scheff. What a great weekend!!”

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