Rock City Worship Unveils Heartfelt EP ‘Testify’

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Rock City Worship, the dedicated team of pastors, worship leaders, musicians, and songwriters who lead the congregation at Rock City Church in Columbus, Ohio, has launched their heartfelt live EP, ‘Testify,’ which is available now for all to listen and experience. This collection of songs represents the very essence of the faith and joy they find in worshipping together and seeks to inspire the world.

“The Testify EP is a collection of the songs that have been rising up in our church,” says the group. “These words and melodies have served to build our faith as we sing them each week. We believe that these songs are going to bless you, and we are so excited to share them. Join us as we testify to the goodness of God!”

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Testify Ep Cover

In anticipation of the release, the group shared two focus songs, “Testify” and “Evidence,” both complemented by live performance videos. “Testify,” in particular, has become an anthem in their church, igniting a contagious joy during unified worship. The group’s prayer is that this song will lead people into deeper worship, whether in life’s valleys or on the mountaintops, and that it will encourage individuals from every nation, tribe, and tongue to cast aside their burdens and lift up their praises to the Lord.

What’s more exciting is that Rock City Worship has announced the impending release of a full-length album scheduled for early 2024. The Testify EP serves as another significant step in their musical journey, building upon their previous projects like ‘Best Thing’ and ‘Summer ‘23.’ These projects have consistently showcased the diverse sound of their church and emphasized the goodness of the Lord.

As a collective of artists, Rock City Worship strives to create songs that paint a vivid picture of who God reveals Himself to be through His Word. They firmly believe that the clearer our understanding of God, the more profound our worship will become. The Testify EP is a powerful testament to their mission, inviting listeners to join in a heartfelt celebration of faith and praise.

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