Roscoe Crawley Releases Empowering Anthem “Awaken” for the Youth Generation

Roscoe Crawley collaborates with Paul Eaton to create an empowering anthem titled “Awaken,” serving as a prophetic declaration over the youth and student generation. The song carries a heartfelt prayer, asking God to awaken the younger generation to a renewed life in Him.

The inspiration for “Awaken” stemmed from a worship session in 2022 where Crawley and Eaton were praying for a revival among students. The desire for students to be awakened to the hope found in Jesus resonated deeply, leading to the creation of a song that encapsulates this prayer. The duo aimed to craft an anthem suitable for various worship settings, from intimate living room sessions to larger Sunday gatherings.

Crawley shared, “Our dream was to create a song that could be sung in churches of all shapes and sizes, from living room worship evenings to Sunday gatherings.” “Awaken” is not just a song; it’s a prayer that those who are lost would find freedom in Jesus. The artists hope that listeners, regardless of their background, would encounter the transformative love of God through this powerful anthem.