Sarah Udeogu Releases Uplifting Gospel Single “Nara Ekele (Take All The Praise)”

Gospel music minister and vocal powerhouse, Sarah Udeogu, has unveiled her latest single, “Nara Ekele (Take All The Praise).” The song is produced by Spirit-Vybes and is delivered in the Igbo dialect, spoken in the Eastern region of Nigeria.

The title “Nara Ekele” translates to “Take All The Praise” in English. Sarah shares that the song is a testament to her gratitude and deep reflection on God’s goodness and His unwavering capability in sustaining us.

Experience the uplifting message and melodious sounds of “Nara Ekele” as it celebrates the greatness of our Heavenly Father.

Listen to “Nara Ekele (Take All The Praise)” above.

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