SEU Worship Unveils Soulful ‘Heart Cry (Acoustic)’ Version

Seu worship
SEU Worship

This “Heart Cry” acoustic rendition by SEU Worship follows the group’s initial release of “Heart Cry” in 2022, which included a collection of 13 captivating live recordings.

Listen to “Heart Cry (Acoustic)” here

What sets SEU Worship apart is their unique connection to a university campus, where many of their songs are born and nurtured alongside students. This collaborative approach ensures that their music remains culturally relevant and resonates deeply with their target audience.

With “Heart Cry (Acoustic),” SEU Worship continues to explore the depths of worship and spirituality, providing listeners with an intimate and soulful musical experience. It’s a testament to their commitment to delivering heartfelt music that connects with the hearts of both students and listeners worldwide. Explore the acoustic rendition of “Heart Cry” today and immerse yourself in its powerful message

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