Sis. Adanne Shares Inspirational Song “Lamb of God”

Cameroonian singer/songwriter Sis. Adanne has recently released a powerful new song titled “Lamb of God.” Singing for the glory of God has always been her hobby, and she expresses gratitude that her passion has now been realized with a bigger vision. Together with the team of JCS Concept, Sis. Adanne aims to support and promote the many talented youths in Cameroon churches who lack the means to utilize their God-given singing gifts and talents.

Sis. Adanne’s song “Lamb of God” serves as a testament to her faith and showcases her musical talent. Through this project, she and the JCS Concept team aim to create opportunities and platforms for young talents in Cameroon to showcase their abilities and contribute to the growth of gospel music in the country.

Osafo Daniel
Osafo is the Co-Founder of Gospel Chapter. Beyond his editorial role he does PR, Digital Marketing, Web Development and SEO

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