Stephanie Staples Unveils New Record ‘Streams’

Stephanie staples
stephanie staples

Grammy award-winning producer Mitch Dane teams up with the exceptionally talented Stephanie Staples to present “Streams,” a new record that’s set to captivate hearts and souls. Available on all major streaming platforms, this album is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a transformative musical journey.

“Streams” features a lineup of exceptional musicians, including Nate Dugger (known for his work with Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors), Charlie Lowell (of Jars of Clay fame), Paul Eckberg, Byron House (renowned for collaborations with Loretta Lynn), and a host of skilled string players and gospel singers. With such an ensemble, this record promises to deliver an unforgettable listening experience.

Stephanie staples streams
Stephanie Staples Streams

Stephanie Staples’ powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics shine through in every track on “Streams.” From the emotionally charged lyrics and haunting string arrangements of “A Lament” and “As I Anoint You” to the soul-stirring gospel harmonies in “Beautiful & Kind” and “Sing Praise to Jesus Is,” each song is a testament to Stephanie’s songwriting prowess and her unique ability to breathe life into her compositions.

One standout track on the album is “Jesus Is,” a powerful worship anthem that has already touched the hearts of many. With its inspiring message and Stephanie’s compelling delivery, this song is set to become a favorite among listeners seeking spiritual solace and inspiration.

“Streams” is a testament to the artistry and talent of Stephanie Staples, whose voice has the power to move and uplift audiences. Produced by Mitch Dane, whose credentials include a Grammy award, the record showcases a blend of musical prowess and heartfelt storytelling.

Listeners can now immerse themselves in the enchanting sounds of “Streams” here

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