Tasha Layton Releases New Version of “Never” Featuring Matthew West

Tasha layton
Tasha Layton

Chart-topping singer/songwriter Tasha Layton has unveiled a new version of her hit song “Never,” featuring five-time Grammy nominee Matthew West. The original track was released in June and received widespread acclaim, and now Layton has joined forces with one of the co-writers of the song, Matthew West, to deliver an even more powerful rendition.

The songwriting credits for “Never” include Tasha Layton, Keith Everette Smith, AJ Pruis, and Matthew West. Keith Everette Smith, Layton’s husband and a GRAMMY and Dove Award winner, produced the track.

“Never” is a pop-infused anthem that highlights the hope and healing that can only be found in Christ. The song’s lyrics boldly declare the unwavering promises of God, emphasizing that there is no brokenness too great for Him to mend. The chorus proclaims, “There’s not a broken too broken for You/Will there ever come a day when You’re not holding me together?/You say, ‘Never.'”

She later released the extended version on October 6 .. you can check it out here

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