Taylor Tripodi Unveils New Love Song “Easy to Love (Vaughan’s Song)”

Taylor tripodi
Taylor Tripodi

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Taylor Tripodi just released her first-ever acoustic love song: ‘Easy to Love (Vaughan’s Song)’ on February 9, 2024 as an exciting shift from her usual CCM/worship releases.

Today, she is excited to share this raw, intimate song with her audiences, new and old, and the story behind it. In a world where true love is hard to find and commitment seems like a fairytale idea, ‘Easy to Love’ is the story of two hearts joined by providence, looking forward to all of life’s challenges with real hope. As with all young love, the lyrics admit that in the beginning, it’s “easy to love”.

Taylor tripodi easy to love (vaughan's song)
Taylor Tripodi Easy To Love (Vaughan’S Song) Artwork

Back in 2021, Taylor wrote the song for her husband Vaughan as a gift on their wedding day as they looked forward to their first military deployment and lots of time apart from each other, along with all of life’s future unknowns. In the beginning, It shares the story of their relationship, but as the song continues, the lyrics point to true love that is sustained through a daily choice to sacrifice for the other and push through the hard, challenging, and seemingly inconvenient times.

The chorus moves from “you’re easy to love” to “I choose you to love”– reiterating that real committed love that holds on during the trials of life. Though the song carries a simple acoustic production, this only amplifies the raw and deep lyrical drama that unfolds as the story of two hearts is revealed. “At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to release such an intimate song” the songwriter shares, ‘but my hope in releasing ‘Easy to Love’ to the public is to remind everyone that regardless of where you are on your own journey, choosing to push through and love even when it’s hardest is the most powerful reality in the universe- and always worth it. We have a long way to go, but I pray that the Lord will keep us faithful in love our whole life long”.

Following the release of the track on February 9th, the official music video will make its debut on YouTube for Valentine’s Day Eve (February 13th), which will be an exciting opportunity for listeners to really enter into the story behind the song.

About Taylor Tripodi

Taylor Tripodi is a passionate singer-songwriter & worship leader living in Nashville, TN. In just a short time after embarking on a full-time music career, Taylor was honored as one of the top 30 Catholic musicians in the world. In 2019, Taylor’s 5-song EP ‘Awakening’ hit over 4 million streams on Spotify alone, attracting great success even as an independent artist. She has traveled all around the world at the request of festivals, conferences, and concerts for audiences of over 50,000 people on a mission to bring hope and healing by helping people encounter Christ through her music. In her spare time, she loves adventuring and camping with her husband Vaughan and chasing around their little 1-year old daughter Evangeline. They are welcoming their 2nd daughter in April of this year! You can catch Taylor on Ascension Press as a blogger and presenter and listen to all her music on your favorite streaming platforms. To learn more about Taylor or to book her for an event, visit taylortripodi.com. Thanks for listening!

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