Tedashii Unveils “Dead Or Alive Pt. 1” EP


Christian rapper Tedashii has just dropped “Dead Or Alive Pt. 1,” the first installment of a series of EPs that promises to take listeners on a deeply introspective journey. This EP is a testament to Tedashii’s resilience and unwavering faith, offering a glimpse into the hardships he’s faced and conquered.

In his life and throughout this EP series, Tedashii has been candid about the challenges he’s confronted, from the heartbreaking loss of his 1-year-old son, Chase, to a recent serious fall backstage during the We Are Unashamed Tour. These trials, both spiritual and physical, have forged his determination to survive.

“Dead Or Alive Pt. 1” serves as a lyrical and sonic exploration of the various ways Tedashii has fought for his life and the profound lessons he’s learned along the way. The EP features collaborations with Aha Gazelle, Richdanfamous, Lecrae, Trip Lee, and more, adding depth and diversity to the project. The EP features his single “Dead Or Alive” which was released weeks ago.

Dead or alive pt. 1
Dead Or Alive Pt. 1

This EP series is Tedashii’s way of sharing his personal journey of “fighting for his life” and the wisdom he’s gained through his struggles. It’s a testament to his resilience and his unwavering desire to pursue the purpose that God has for his life. Tedashii’s music has always been characterized by its vulnerability and authenticity, and “Dead Or Alive Pt. 1” is no exception.

“At several points in my own life, I’ve felt crushed under the weight of so many hardships, and I’ve even attempted to end it all. It was in that moment I was faced with a choice, to live or die. ‘Dead Or Alive’ is my journey of choosing to live, while saying to the listener what I said to myself: Dead or Alive, you decide,” explains Tedashii.

To accompany the EP release, Tedashii dropped a powerful video that symbolizes the struggles he’s endured. The video’s imagery mirrors the EP’s artwork, showcasing the stark contrast between light and darkness. Tedashii’s face is illuminated by a radiant white light on one side while being targeted by laser sights on the other—a visual representation of life and death.

Additionally, Tedashii shared a performance video for the single “VICTORY LAP,” which embodies the victorious feeling he experiences after choosing life every day. He likens it to the celebratory lap a NASCAR driver takes after winning a race, symbolizing the triumph he feels in this season of his life.

“Dead Or Alive Pt. 1” is characterized by hard-hitting 808s and Tedashii’s signature rap style, reminiscent of his earlier days as an artist. It’s a refreshing return to his roots and demonstrates his growth and versatility as an artist.

Tedashii has always been open about his personal journey, from his album “Below Paradise” to his latest EP, “This Time Around 2.” He uses his music to inspire and offer hope to others facing tough times, and he continues to be a beacon of light as he enters this new season of creativity and self-discovery.

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