The Bootleggers Music Group Release Transcendent Single ‘Austin’s Song’

The blissful new song is being released in five different languages, showcasing the universal power of GOD, Music and LOVE
The bootleggers music group
The Bootleggers Music Group

The Bootleggers Music Group has recently released a touching and heartfelt song titled “Austin’s Song.” This special track serves as a tribute to Austin Hopkins, an extraordinary young music enthusiast diagnosed with the very rare Pollitt syndrome, with only 10 known cases worldwide.

“Austin’s Song” tells the tale of Austin, an angel sent to spread love and joy in the world. This poignant ballad comes alive with soulful vocals, celestial harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and evocative string and piano arrangements. In a time when divisions threatened to tear society apart, an international cast of musicians, known as the Bootleggers Music Group, came together to celebrate God, love, and community.

Austin’s song cover art
Austin’s Song Cover Art

With an aim to make a global impact, the Bootleggers Music Group collaborated with artists from three different continents, delivering the song in five different languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish. This diverse approach ensures that “Austin’s Song” reaches a larger audience than ever before. The first track of the album also includes an explanation of the song’s origins and the original phone call that inspired this amazing story.

Founding member Paul Jones explains the biblical origins of the track, stating, “In a world filled with hate, along came a young man named Austin, who does not even know what that word means.” This highlights the innocence and purity that Austin represents, inspiring others to open their eyes and their hearts, embracing and fostering love wherever possible.

While each version of “Austin’s Song” has its own unique charms, they are unified by passionate vocal performances, soaring instrumentals, and a genuine sense of community between the musicians. This powerful tribute is destined to make a meaningful impact on listeners from every corner of the world.

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