The Staggs Renaissance Group (TSRG) Releases Powerful Single “Worship Is What I Do” from the Album “You Alone”

Worship is what i do
Worship is What I do cover

The Staggs Renaissance Group (TSRG), a ministry with a mission to spread wholesomeness and a positive message to the world through music, arts, film, and literature, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, “Worship Is What I Do.” This emotionally driven and powerful piece of music delivers a message of faith and togetherness from the moment you press play.

“Worship Is What I Do” is part of the album “You Alone” and carries a profound message, reminding us that our very existence is intertwined with our capacity to worship God through the unique gifts and talents we have been blessed with.

Worship is a profound expression of reverence and gratitude toward a higher power, often grounding us in spiritual connection. Worship through music is just as powerful, serving as an amazing way to express faith and belief in God through artistry and talent. This song evokes humility, inner peace, and a sense of purpose. Its catchy melodies are easy to relate to, and it serves as a powerful reminder of what truly matters.

In a world filled with distractions and where superficiality often overshadows the sacred, songs like “Worship Is What I Do” are guiding lights, reminding us of our ultimate calling. The single is also accompanied by a twin song, “You Alone,” the title track of the album, which delivers a similarly positive message.

The songs within this project originated from the artist’s journey through Christian faith, forged through moments of communion with God in prayer. “Worship Is What I Do” was bestowed upon the artist nearly two decades ago during a sacred prayer session. While praying, the artist perceived a celestial melody infused with angelic voices, leading to the creation of this mesmerizing and inspiring song about the power of worship and its impact on the human experience.

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