Tommee Profitt Unveils Live Concert Experience: ‘The Birth of a King: Live In Concert’

Renowned producer, composer, songwriter, and recording artist Tommee Profitt invites audiences into a mesmerizing world of music with the release of ‘The Birth of a King: Live In Concert.’ This breathtaking performance, captured last year at the Fisher Center, brings together 19 incredible artists, a 50-piece orchestra, a 100-person choir, and a full band for an unforgettable musical experience.

The stellar lineup of artists featured in the concert includes Jordan Smith, Evvie McKinney, Clark Beckham, Rachael Lampa, Sarah Reeves, Crowder, Colton Dixon, Hollyn, SVRCINA, Fleurie, and more. Profitt’s visionary approach to music production is on full display in this live concert, showcasing his ability to bring together diverse talents in a harmonious celebration of the holiday season.

Tommee Profitt initially released ‘The Birth of a King’ high-concept holiday album in October 2020 via Capitol CMG. The self-produced record, 15 years in the making, features collaborations with an eclectic lineup of guests, including internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne, celebrated pop-rock musician Tauren Wells, R&B artist Stanaj, and singer/songwriter Chris Tomlin, among others. The album is a collection of grandiose tracks that spotlight Profitt’s unbridled musicality, cinematic production sensibilities, and signature genre-warping sound, bringing an undeniably epic quality to traditional holiday music.

In true Profitt fashion, ‘The Birth of a King: Live In Concert’ is an elaborately detailed spectacle, offering audiences a front-row seat to an immersive musical journey. Profitt, known for pushing creative boundaries, continues to redefine the holiday music landscape.

Earlier this year, Profitt announced his coordination of a live performance at the Grand Ole Opry scheduled for December 4th, promising another unforgettable musical experience for audiences.

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