Trickster and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Team Up with Guy Chambers for Christmas Anthem “Praise Be It’s Christmas”

Celebrating the spirit of the season, Trickster, in collaboration with legendary hitmaker Guy Chambers and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, has released an electrifying new Christmas song, “Praise Be It’s Christmas.” With a cheeky twist, this seasonal anthem takes a lighthearted jab at the year’s notable figures and events.

“Praise Be It’s Christmas” is a festive treat that’s both irreverent and rousing, offering a unique perspective on the year’s events. The song’s lyrics playfully target various figures of the year, from government officials to multi-billionaires, while delivering an uplifting chorus that reflects the collective sigh of relief as the year comes to a close.

The song introduces a mysterious vocalist and songwriter, known only as ‘Trickster,’ who co-penned the track alongside Guy Chambers and comedian Steve Furst. The enigmatic identity of Trickster has sparked a whirlwind of speculation – could it be a familiar face from Chambers’ previous collaborations, or perhaps a well-known artist looking to make a statement? The mystery surrounding Trickster adds an element of intrigue to this holiday anthem.

As part of the release, “Praise Be It’s Christmas” will also feature an alternate version, “Thank Fuck It’s Christmas,” embracing the irreverence and humor that the holiday season often inspires. Trickster has further announced plans to embark on a charitable campaign throughout December, contributing to organizations dedicated to child welfare and addressing social hunger. More details about these initiatives will be disclosed soon.

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