Village Lights Unveils Inspiring Live Version of “Christ Our King”

Village lights
Village Lights

Village Lights, a musical group dedicated to sharing their faith through music, has released a captivating live version of their song “Christ Our King.”

This song, which is a part of their debut album “Kingdom,” draws inspiration from the liturgical feast of “Christ The King.” The core message of the track revolves around recognizing and accepting the centrality of Jesus Christ in every aspect of life.

The quote by Pope Francis, “Jesus is the center of creation,” profoundly impacted the creation of “Christ Our King.” Village Lights aimed to craft a song that re-establishes Jesus Christ as the personal King of each individual. By doing so, they encourage listeners to not only embrace Christ’s teachings but also acknowledge His role as the focal point of their lives.

The live rendition of “Christ Our King” was recorded with their community, infusing the song with a sense of unity and togetherness. The song’s worshipful nature resonates deeply with listeners, reminding them of the transformative power that comes from making Jesus the center of one’s existence. Village Lights’ emphasis on the centrality of Jesus reflects their mission to inspire and uplift through their music, guiding their audience toward a deeper connection with their faith.

“Christ Our King” encapsulates the essence of Village Lights’ commitment to sharing their beliefs and values through their musical talent. With its meaningful lyrics and heartfelt performance, the live version of “Christ Our King” is a testament to the group’s dedication to spreading a message of faith, hope, and spiritual growth

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