Vineyard Worship Unveils Inspiring New Album ‘This Joy’

Vineyard worship
Vineyard Worship

Vineyard Worship has launched its latest album, ‘This Joy,’ which was recorded live in Chicago. Comprising an eclectic mix of worship songs penned by Vineyard leaders for the Church, this album offers a diverse collection of tracks designed to serve various purposes within the worship experience.

The album features nine worship leaders from across the United States, incorporating a broad spectrum of musical influences ranging from gospel to pop to modern hymns. One of the standout tracks, “This Joy,” featuring Tina Colón Williams and Joshua Miller, is an anthem of victory that proclaims the triumph of God over the voice of the accuser. It serves as a reminder that believers awaken to love, hope, and peace, knowing that God’s strength surpasses any circumstance.

‘This Joy’ showcases the beauty and diversity within the Vineyard movement, offering a compelling musical journey for worshippers around the world.

Listen to “This Joy” on all platforms here

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