Wande Illuminates 2023 with “STEPPIN in the LIGHT” – A Double Single Showcase


In a musical faceoff between Wande and Blande, which side will you choose? The captivating artist Wande presents her new double single, “STEPPIN in the LIGHT,” delving deep into a dialogue that explores the duality of her personality. This release not only solidifies her evolving sound but also reinforces the bold message she’s consistently shared with her devoted fanbase throughout 2023.

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With “STEPPIN in the LIGHT,” Wande introduces her sixth release of 2023, where she continues to showcase her excellence and versatility. The double single journey leads you through “STEPPIN,” a display of raw rap talent, and “IN THE LIGHT,” a mesmerizing soundscape infused with R&B and pop. Amidst these musical transitions, Wande remains unwavering in her message to the WIN-GANG, her loyal fanbase: you were born to achieve greatness for a higher purpose, leaving your past behind as you confidently step into the future, guided by faith.

Wande steppin in the light
Steppin In The Light

“In The Light” encourages you to be your authentic self, to come alive with confidence, and to let your light shine without reservation. This song reflects Wande’s commitment to embracing her identity fully. Wande and Blande may seem like opposing alter egos, but they encompass who Wande truly is, capturing the duality of her personality. On one hand, Wande is down-to-earth, calm, and curious, while on the other, she’s bold, funny, and animated. Together, they reflect the essence of her artistic expression, where Wande explores diverse genres like R&B, pop, and electronic sounds, all while delivering the hard-hitting rap that her fans have adored since the early days of her career.


The release of “STEPPIN in the LIGHT” follows the resounding success of Wande’s previous singles, including “Wild & Free” featuring DOE, “Encore” featuring Toyalove, “Mo’wanbe” featuring Limoblaze, “YOU,” and “WINNING.” It has been a remarkable year for Wande as she continues to impress with her consistency and artistic growth. Beyond her music, Wande has embraced new creative outlets by launching her first podcast, “The Winners Circle,” with Erinn Knight and Naij Lapri, redefining what it means to achieve success.

At the start of this year, Wande expressed her desire for her music to be “energizing, exciting, and an unforgettable moment that influences a generation to desire to live a wholesome life while still retaining their humanity and personality.” She aimed to provide a blueprint of representation for those who aspire to win without compromising their values. Looking back, it’s evident that Wande has fulfilled her mission by leading her community, exemplifying God’s love and grace, and nurturing emerging creators.

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