Worship For Everyone Unites Generations with ‘Live From Wildfires’ EP

Worship for everyone
Worship For Everyone

In an era where music often bridges generational gaps and unites diverse voices, Worship For Everyone, a UK family worship ministry founded by Nick and Becky Drake, has just unveiled their latest musical offering. The EP, titled “Live From Wildfires,” is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a joyful celebration of inter-generational worship, bringing together children, parents, grandparents, students, and teenagers in harmonious praise.

Becky Drake, one of the founders of Worship For Everyone, emphasizes the power and importance of unity across ages within the Church, stating, “Worship for Everyone is best when it’s experienced.” This latest project is a testament to that philosophy, showcasing how diverse generations can come together in worship.

Worship for everyone live from wildfires
Live From Wildfires Ep Cover

The EP carries Worship For Everyone’s signature fresh pop sound, with each track inviting everyone, regardless of their age, to participate and sing along. One of the standout songs on the EP is “As We Wait,” a composition born from deep spiritual reflection, reflecting the essence of the EP.

Becky Drake also shares her hope that the songs and accompanying videos will serve as a model for the joy that all of God’s people can experience when they place value on intergenerational worship. “Live From Wildfires” serves as an invitation to experience the profound joy of worshiping together across generations.

With this new EP, Worship For Everyone is continuing to make a significant impact on the worship landscape, underlining the importance of unity and inclusivity within the Church. The power of music to bring people of all ages together is evident in this vibrant collection.

“Live From Wildfires” is not just an EP; it’s a celebration of unity, a testament to the joy of worship, and a reminder of the strength that intergenerational worship brings to a congregation. Listen on all platforms here

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