Coming Kingdom Releases Uplifting Single “Hope Of Heaven”

Coming kingdom
Coming Kingdom

Emerging from over 10 years of worshiping together in the local church, London-based worship collective Coming Kingdom has unveiled their latest single, “Hope Of Heaven.” This captivating track serves as the first single from their highly anticipated debut EP, “Awakening.”

Coming Kingdom brings a fresh sound to the modern worship movement, blending contemporary Christian music (CCM) with gospel influences. With a united vision to awaken the world to the love, hope, and freedom of Jesus, this collective aims to make a lasting impact on future generations.

“Hope Of Heaven” is the result of months of careful collaboration between Zac Carpenter and Joel Lane, the core members of Coming Kingdom. The song was initially crafted as a response to witnessing the transformative power of Jesus in people’s lives. Performed by Dorothy Tamuno and Zac Carpenter, “Hope Of Heaven” stands as an anthem of truth and hope, a call to proclaim the greatness of the resurrected King, Jesus, who is our ultimate reward.
“We pray that ‘Hope Of Heaven’ leads you deeper into the truth and life that can only be found in the greatest King the world has ever known – our hope, Jesus!” shares Coming Kingdom.

Hope of heaven artwork
Hope Of Heaven Artwork

Coming Kingdom’s music is characterized by their unique blend of contemporary Christian music and gospel influences, creating a fresh and dynamic sound that resonates with listeners. With a passion for worship and a desire to see lives transformed through encountering Jesus, Coming Kingdom aims to bring a new perspective to the modern worship movement.

As they release their debut EP, “Awakening,” Coming Kingdom invites listeners to join them on a journey of awakening to the love, hope, and freedom found in Jesus. With their united vision and heartfelt music, they hope to inspire future generations to embrace the transformative power of worship.

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