Joel Caws Releases New “Ablaze”

Joel caws
Joel Caws

Joel Caws, a worship leader and singer/songwriter from the UK has just released ‘Ablaze’, a brand new worship song for 2024, in collaboration with Maria Segerholm and Deborah Bate.

Joel has been regularly releasing music for over 3 years and this latest release is perfect for congregational use in ministry times or moments of reflection.

Of the creative process behind the song, Joel reflects “This song started out as a chorus idea that I had been working on just prior to attending a songwriters retreat day late in 2022. I was teamed up with Maria Segerholm and Deborah Bate and, after sharing my chorus idea, we began working together on building out verses and melody. We finished our session with a strong first verse and pre-chorus, and in the months that followed we met up online to finish the song.”

Of the new song release, Joel says “I felt so privileged to work on writing this song with Maria and Debs who are such gifted songwriters and artists of themselves. I get so excited everytime I hear the song we created together and it was such an added blessing that we were all able to add our vocals to the final mix. This feels like a true collaboration from songwriting right through to production; a highpoint to the journey we began together in a songwriting room just over a year ago!”

Of how he hopes others will engage with the song, Joel comments “I pray that this song will be a blessing to individuals and church congregations alike. There will be many that can identify with that feeling of their ‘first love’ for God; how hungry they were for more of Him when they first came to know Jesus as their Saviour, and how they couldn’t help but tell everyone they knew about Him.”

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