Mark Roberts Embraces Faith with “Come Alive” Album Release

Mark roberts come alive
Come Alive Cover art

Veteran singer-songwriter and band leader Mark Roberts has embarked on a faith-filled journey with the release of his new album, “Come Alive.” Produced by the accomplished GRAMMY and Dove Award winner Tom Hemby, this album marks Roberts’ foray into the realm of Contemporary Christian Music, showcasing his passion for creating music that inspires, uplifts, and carries a message of hope.

Before stepping into the world of music, Mark Roberts overcame a series of childhood challenges, including a bone disorder in his right leg that required a brace and a built-up shoe on his left leg for three painful years. During this time, he faced numerous activities that doctors believed he would never be able to complete. Amidst the adversity, music became a source of comfort and companionship. Classic Christian artists such as The Imperials, Amy Grant, and Andraé Crouch served as his musical companions, offering solace during difficult times.

As Roberts grew, he also outgrew his physical ailments, proving the doctors wrong by engaging in activities he was once told were impossible. Throughout his journey, he nurtured a dream of reaching the world through music, just as his iconic influences had done for decades.

However, despite pursuing a musical career and enjoying awards and applause, Roberts felt a sense of emptiness and disconnection. He realized that he had been singing for himself and doing what everyone else wanted him to do. It was only when he embraced his true calling that he found the missing piece in his life.

The turning point came when Roberts met GRAMMY and Dove Award-winning producer Tom Hemby, who recognized his potential and offered to help him pursue the direction that would fulfill his true calling. Hemby, known for his work with The Imperials during the Russ Taff era and his association with Amy Grant, provided Roberts with the guidance and support he needed to embark on his musical journey of faith.

“Come Alive,” featuring ten inspirational tracks, showcases Mark Roberts’ deep faith and commitment to sharing music that heals, comforts, and reminds people that they are not alone. The album includes faith-fueling anthems like the title track, “Disarm,” and heartfelt prayers for restoration like “Teach Me” and “It’s Not Too Late (To Start Over Again).” Roberts also delivers uplifting covers of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and Bread’s “Everything I Own.”

“Running Home,” the album’s opening track, encapsulates Roberts’ lifelong testimony, reflecting his journey of faith and the purpose he found in sharing music that shines a light on the path to spiritual healing and renewal.

Mark Roberts’ heartfelt hope is that listeners will experience the healing power of music through his album, “Come Alive.” He aspires to inspire and help people recognize that they are not alone in their spiritual journeys.

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