Open Heaven Band Releases New Worship Single, “None Like You”

The worship team of Columbus, Ohio’s Faith Life Church, Open Heaven Band, has unveiled their latest musical masterpiece, “None Like You.” Recorded live and produced by Scott Mearig, this soul-stirring single is now available on all major digital retail and streaming platforms via DREAM Worship.

The heartwarming song, “None Like You,” carries the essence of heartfelt worship and profound adoration for God. Worship Pastor Amy Freudiger shared the inspiration behind the song, saying, “During a time of prophetic worship, we started spontaneously singing the bridge of this song. It was this incredible moment of ascribing to God the worth and value He deserves.”

The creative process took shape during a Bible study, where the writing team explored the attributes of God that they had personally encountered in their lives. The song continued to evolve from their collective experiences and deep reflections on God’s greatness.

Titus Chang, one of the song’s writers, explained, “We also read the scripture from 2 Samuel 7:22, which says, ‘Therefore you are great, O Lord God. For there is none like you, and there is no God besides you, according to all that we have heard with our ears.’ This verse resonated with our discussions about how no other pursuit or treasure in this life can compare to the profound joy of serving the Lord.”

“Worship songs like ‘None Like You’ are a much-needed addition to the repertoire of songs in our churches,” added Amy Freudiger. The song invites listeners to join in heartfelt worship, recognizing the unmatched greatness of God and the unmatched joy of serving Him.

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