Angel Pearson Releases Captivating Gospel EP “Surrender”

Angel pearson surrender ep
Angel Pearson Surrender EP Artwork

Maryland-born singer/songwriter Angel Pearson has recently unveiled her latest musical offering, a compelling Gospel EP titled “Surrender.” Currently based in Texas, Angel showcases her remarkable talent and passion for music through this collection of four powerful songs. Having transitioned from R&B, Angel’s cadence still carries traces of her previous genre, but she believes that the anointing is still present in her Gospel songs.

As a new artist in the Gospel genre, Angel Pearson is eager to make her mark and offer something unique to the music industry. Her deep love for God and her desire to touch hearts and guide others to experience His love through her music serve as the driving force behind her musical journey. “Surrender” is a testament to her faith and showcases her growth and dedication to spreading the message of God’s love.

Born in California and raised in Baltimore, Angel Pearson was immersed in a musical upbringing rooted in Gospel and rhythm and blues. While she initially pursued R&B music, her path eventually led her back to the heart of Christ. On February 21st, she released her first Gospel EP, “Surrender,” which beautifully blends elements of R&B with a Gospel texture, creating her signature sound and highlighting the diverse layers of her personality.

Having previously had the opportunity to serve as an opening act for renowned artists such as Fantasia and Patti LaBelle, Angel Pearson is now ready to use her talent as an opening act for the kingdom of heaven. “Surrender” is now available on all major music platforms.

Angel Pearson’s “Surrender” EP is a testament to her unwavering faith and her desire to inspire and uplift listeners through her music. With her captivating vocals and heartfelt lyrics, she invites audiences to join her in a transformative musical experience.

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