Ann Marie’s Debut Single “Listen” Chronicles a Soul-Stirring Spiritual Journey

Ann marie
Ann Marie

Rochester, NY based singer-songwriter Ann Marie makes a captivating entrance into the music scene with her debut single, “Listen.” The track serves as the lead from her forthcoming 5-song EP, offering a profound narrative rooted in spirituality and personal discovery.

In “Listen,” Ann Marie communicates a powerful message derived from her deep connection with the Bible. Unconstrained by a specific genre or sound, she explores a musical landscape that mirrors the diversity of her spiritual experiences. At the core of her artistry is a commitment to writing about Jesus and delivering messages inspired by the divine.

The genesis of Ann Marie’s musical journey lies in a realization born from a sense of emptiness amid the pursuit of worldly success. In response to a poignant reminder from the Holy Spirit, she embarked on a transformative odyssey, seeking to recalibrate her life’s priorities. The EP, of which “Listen” is the opening chapter, encapsulates this commitment to drown out worldly distractions and anchor oneself in the eternal truths of God.

The Rochester-based artist weaves a tapestry of faith, introspection, and raw emotion through her melodies and lyrics. In sharing her spiritual awakening, Ann Marie invites listeners into a space of vulnerability and universal exploration of purpose. “Listen” isn’t merely a song—it’s a solemn promise and a testament to the artist’s unwavering dedication to living by the omnipotent Word of God.

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