Howu Releases Energetic and Uplifting New Song “It’s Giving”


Howu, a talented artist and musician, is excited to announce the release of his latest song titled “It’s Giving.” This high-energy banger is a collaboration between Howu and a pastor on TikTok, resulting in a MasterClass piece that promises to be enjoyed by all. Drawing inspiration from his lifelong passion for music, Howu has created a melodic and captivating track that will kick-start your day in a positive and uplifting way.

From a young age, Howu has been drawn to the power of music. With each song that played, his body couldn’t help but move to the rhythm. Throughout his life journey, he explored various genres, including secular music. However, as his spiritual journey took him to new heights, Howu experienced a profound shift. Now, when he gets in the booth, he feels the rush of the spirit flowing through him. This transformation has led to the creation of melodic and captivating bangers that elevate the listener’s mood.

“It’s Giving” is a testament to Howu’s growth as an artist and his dedication to producing uplifting music. The collaboration with a pastor on TikTok has resulted in a MasterClass piece that combines infectious beats, catchy melodies, and inspirational lyrics.

The song aims to ignite a positive and energetic atmosphere, allowing listeners to turn up and embrace the joyous spirit it brings.

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