LIN D Return With New Single “Breathe Again”

Lin d

Swedish music collective LIN D is thrilled to announce the release of their newest song, “Breathe Again,” now available on all major digital retail and streaming platforms via DREAM Records.

Produced by Dennis Lindéh, the song was co-written by Rhyan Shirley, Tommy Iceland, Dennis Lindéh, Emmy Lindéh, and Ella Lindéh.

The song addresses the overwhelming nature of life and the moments when it feels like one can’t catch their breath. “Breathe Again” serves as an emotional conversation with one’s soul, drawing parallels with the Psalms of David. It encourages listeners to find stillness and embrace the knowledge that God is in control, helping them find their breath once more.

LIN D is coming off the success of their first Christian Music Weekly Rhythmic #1 radio single, “Anything.”

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