RISIC Releases Inspiring Single “WISE”


Australian-born rapper with Sri Lankan heritage, RISIC, has recently released his new single titled “WISE.” This song serves as an anthem for the youth, encouraging them to live wisely and honor God in their lives. RISIC, an independent recording artist based in Sydney, Australia, uses his music to inspire, encourage, and challenge listeners to love one another and use their gifts and talents for good.

The drive for RISIC to take his craft seriously began with the passing of his father in 2010. To cope with his loss, he recorded over 40 songs within two years. Initially inspired by mainstream artists like Drake and Lil Wayne, RISIC’s musical journey took a turn in 2012 when his brother introduced him to Christian rapper Lecrae. This introduction sparked a transformation in RISIC’s faith and identity as both a person and a musician.

RISIC’s sound primarily falls within the trap hip-hop genre, drawing inspiration from artists like Travis Scott and Migos. However, he aims to be a versatile artist, with great lyricism being his main goal. Through his music, RISIC seeks to inspire, encourage, and challenge the youth to live a life that honors God and promotes positive change.
With multiple music videos and over 70 free songs released on his social media platforms, RISIC continues to use his influence to serve the world and bring about positive change and hope.

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