Taylor Holland Armstrong Releases Inspirational Track “Paradise”

Taylor holland armstrong
Taylor Holland Armstrong

Former hardcore rock singer turned Christian music artist Taylor Holland Armstrong has made a redemptive reappearance onto the music scene with his latest song titled “Paradise.” Born and raised in Orange County, California, Armstrong was immersed in a vibrant music scene that encompassed hardcore, punk, and metal genres. Simultaneously, he was exposed to churches and Christian festivals that laid the foundation for his faith.

However, when Armstrong’s rock band, The Confession, was signed to a record deal at the young age of 19, his faith took a backseat to a life overshadowed by drug addiction. This battle with addiction persisted throughout the early years of his musical success. It wasn’t until Armstrong was 29 years old that Jesus freed him from addiction, prompting him to leave behind the cycle of drugs and music. He started a family with his wife, and his musical aspirations seemed all but lost.

Taylor holland armstrong paradise
Paradise Covert Art

But this was not the end of the story. In an act of redemption, God began to stir in Armstrong’s heart, urging him to pick up his guitar once again. This time, his desire was to wholeheartedly surrender and give all the glory to his Savior. A new resurrection had begun. In preparation for 2024, Armstrong collaborated with Christian music producer Sam Hart to write and record a collection of songs set to release throughout the year. The first of these songs is titled “Paradise.”

“Paradise” parallels Armstrong’s personal journey with the story of the thief on the cross, as mentioned in Luke 23:43. Looking ahead, Armstrong hopes that his life and music will serve as a catalyst, directing listeners towards the true freedom found in a relationship with Jesus.

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