Anthony Brown & group therAPy to Release New Album “Affirmations”

Anthony brown
Anthony Brown

GRAMMY award-nominated gospel group Anthony Brown & group therAPy have announced their upcoming album, “Affirmations,” set to be released on November 3rd.

The album is available for pre-save/pre-add now. As a preview, they have released the single “Up Up Up” featuring Zach Savage. The album aims to provide encouragement and affirmation, particularly during tough times.

In a statement, Anthony Brown shares that he faced personal battles with depression and feelings of isolation but found strength in encouraging himself through faith. The album is intended to be a source of inspiration and empowerment.

“For the last two years…I’ve been praying about what to say while also going through one of the toughest periods in my life. I didn’t tell a lot of people. My battles with depression and feeling ostracized and alone were getting the best of me. I kept looking to be rescued..looking for the normal people and places and things that would step in and make it better never happened. They never came. This time was different. That’s when it happened…
1st Samuel 30:6.. “and David encouraged HIMSELF in the Lord”.
What do you do when no one comes to encourage you? You encourage yourself. You speak over yourself. You AFFIRM yourself. You go to the word of God and remind yourself what GOD has said about you. That’s the truth.
I am excited to share with you that on NOVEMBER 3rd, group therAPy are releasing a sound that you need to hear. “– Anthony Brown

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