Brandon Lake Discusses His New Album ‘Coat Of Many Colors’ and the Diverse Spectrum of Worship Music | 54th Dove Awards

Brandon lake dove awards
Brandon Lake Dove Awards

Brandon Lake, the winner of the Artist of the Year award, took the stage at the 54th Annual GMA Dove Awards pressroom to share insights into his newly released album, ‘Coat Of Many Colors.’ He emphasized how the album serves as a testament to the varied facets of worship music. Brandon Lake also delved into the experience of translating studio-recorded songs into live performances during arena tours. Additionally, he reflected on his intention and approach to songwriting.

‘Coat Of Many Colors,’ Brandon Lake’s latest album, represents a rich tapestry of worship music, offering a diverse range of styles and expressions. He highlighted the significance of embracing various shades of worship to cater to the spiritual needs and preferences of listeners.

Addressing the transition from the studio to arena tours, Brandon Lake shared his experiences in bringing the essence and energy of his songs to live performances. He acknowledged the unique connection that emerges when sharing music with a live audience.

In response to questions about his songwriting process, Brandon Lake provided insights into his intention behind creating music. He emphasized the importance of authenticity and heartfelt expressions in songwriting.

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