Cleo “Clee Dee” Draper Shares Soul-Stirring Single “Alone With The Lord”

Cleo "clee dee" draper
Cleo "Clee Dee" Draper

Independent urban gospel artist, writer, and producer Cleo “Clee Dee” Draper, has recently released his soul-stirring single titled “Alone With The Lord.” This heartfelt song was birthed from a one-on-one conversation between a friend and God, and Cleo was approached to provide his services in producing the track, arranging the music, and delivering captivating vocals. His goal with this song is to offer listeners a glimpse of heaven through a personal and intimate relationship with Christ.

Cleo “Clee Dee” Draper is a passionate artist who strives to share the love of Jesus in a soothing, intentional, and heartfelt manner. With his music, he aims to create an atmosphere that resonates deeply with listeners and allows them to experience the transformative power of a personal connection with Christ.

Alone with the lord
Alone With The Lord

“Alone With The Lord” serves as a testament to Cleo’s commitment to his craft and his desire to inspire and uplift others through his music. The song invites listeners on a journey of intimacy and vulnerability with God, providing a space for personal reflection, spiritual connection, and divine encounter.

Cleo’s smooth and soulful vocals, combined with the stirring arrangement and production, create a captivating listening experience. The lyrics beautifully convey the profound depth of a one-on-one relationship with Christ, reminding listeners of the boundless love and grace that can be found in those sacred moments.

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