EeZee Conceptz Presents “Jehovah ‘Meliwo” by Judikay Featuring 121Selah

EeZee Conceptz is thrilled to introduce “Jehovah ‘Meliwo,” a powerful and groovy song by gospel artist Judikay, featuring 121Selah. This song is a vibrant remake of the earlier release “Song of Angels (Ndi Mo Zi)” from 2019, carrying a festive mood and tune.

Judikay shares her inspiration behind the song, stating, “They rejoiced too early, they mocked you too quick. Didn’t they know? How can the Rock of Ages be buried-wrapped in a rock? If they had known, but who would have told them?! Somebody roar in praise… You are resurrecting. Go feast, go rejoice.”

The song is a joyful celebration of resurrection and victory, reminding listeners of the power and glory of God. With its lively and festive tune, “Jehovah ‘Meliwo” is sure to uplift and inspire all who hear it.

The accompanying video, directed by Gr33nix, was shot and recorded live at EeZee Global Studios, adding an authentic and immersive visual element to the music.

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