Jonathan Bacarella Releases Uplifting Single “Always Been You”

Jonathan bacarella always been you
Jonathan Bacarella

Worship leader and solo artist Jonathan Bacarella has unveiled his latest single, “Always Been You,” a heartwarming and inspiring track that offers solace and reassurance in the face of life’s challenges.

Inspired by Psalms 139:2, which speaks to God’s omniscience and unwavering presence, “Always Been You” emerged from Bacarella’s personal experience of his wife’s traumatic birth experience with their son, Milo. Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty, Bacarella found solace in the comforting belief that God was guiding them through the ordeal.

Always been you
Always Been You Cover Art

With its gentle melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and Bacarella’s captivating vocals, “Always Been You” serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement, reminding listeners that God is always in control, even in the darkest of times.

He wrote, “Always Been You” was written from Psalms 139:2 which says, “You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar”. I wrote this song after my wife had a traumatic birth experience with my son, milo. My heart kept questioning “why is this happening?”. A question many people ask every day. Throughout the entire experience, I felt the gentle hand of the Lord carrying us through. “Always been you” was written to encourage people to know no matter what happens in life, the Lord sees all and knows all. In good moments and bad, he continues to guide us on our journey in Life.

Bacarella’s musical journey began in his childhood with his love for music ignited by an indie band he formed with his cousins. After graduating from music school in Kansas City, Bacarella embarked on his songwriting journey, driven by his passion for worship and leading people closer to God.

With the release of “Always Been You,” Bacarella continues to establish himself as a rising voice in contemporary Christian music. His music resonates with authenticity, sincerity, and an unwavering commitment to sharing the message of God’s love.

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