José Lizardo Releases Inspiring New Song “Contigo Tengo Todo”

José lizardo

Dominican Republic based musician José Lizardo is out with his latest release, “Contigo Tengo Todo” (With You, I Have Everything). This heartfelt song was born from a period of self-reflection during which José analyzed his life and navigated through challenging moments. Through this journey, he learned to remember and trust that God never abandoned him. José believes that the Lord holds his heart and has guided him through various trials and blessings.

“This song is a reminder of the things I have and the many ways God has been present in my life,” says José Lizardo. The lyrics serve as a testament to his unwavering faith and his belief that God has a purpose for his life. As a Christian singer, José is dedicated to sharing his message and music with the world, hoping to inspire others to draw closer to God.

Contigo tengo todo
Contigo Tengo Todo

José Lizardo has been involved in music since 2010 and has poured his heart and soul into his craft. His love for music and his deep conviction that it is his calling and purpose in life have driven him to invest his time and resources into his musical endeavors. He aspires for his music to transcend borders and touch the lives of people worldwide.

Currently residing in the Dominican Republic with his family, José Lizardo continues to pursue his passion for music while also teaching in a public school. His ministry is growing, and he remains committed to making a positive impact through his music.

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