Kayla Watford Unveils New Single “Who You Call Me’

Kayla watford new
Kayla Watford

Florida-based Christian Singer and Songwriter Kayla Watford is out with her latest single, “Who You Call Me.” This highly anticipated release marks her third original song, following the success of “Mommy Can Come to You” in the spring of 2023 and “Faithful He Will Ever Be” released in December of the same year.

“Faithful He Will Ever Be” garnered recognition with features by Christian Dance and Gospel Chapter, as well as a mention by Chunedesk on Twitter.

Kayla watford who you call me
Who You Call Me Artwork

“Who You Call Me” is a soulful ballad that resonates with listeners, emphasizing their identity in Christ. The song serves as a poignant reminder that labels imposed by life, society, or circumstances are superficial constructs. Through its lyrical narrative, the song inspires listeners to look beyond these labels and embrace their true identity as defined by Christ.

Kayla Watford has multiple new original songs currently in development, generating high anticipation for the forthcoming year. Her music aims to instill hope and confidence in every believer, reaffirming their identity in Christ throughout all seasons of life.

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