KB Attributes ‘Miracles’ to Friendship with Lecrae in New Song

Christian rapper KB sheds light on his deepening bond with fellow artist Lecrae in their collaborative track “Miracles.”

KB’s departure from Reach Records in 2020 marked a new chapter in his career, as he joined Sony’s RCA Inspiration/Provident Entertainment. The question of whether KB and Grammy-winning rapper Lecrae would collaborate again arose in the minds of many. However, the release of KB’s latest album, “His Glory Alone II,” on August 11th reaffirmed their artistic connection. The album follows a similar vein as its predecessor, blending rap verses with gospel and contemporary Christian choruses.

The standout single, “Miracles,” featuring Lecrae, is a reimagined version of “Million Little Miracles,” originally by Maverick City Music & Elevation Worship. KB emphasizes the honor of having Lecrae contribute to the song and acknowledges Lecrae’s pivotal role in his career’s formative stages. In a recent interview with The Christian Post, KB stated, “Lecrae’s voice, especially in the last six months, has been just this invaluable guide for me in this stage of life.”

KB delves into how Lecrae’s experiences and wisdom have played a significant role in helping him navigate life’s complexities. Despite their differing career trajectories, the two artists share common aspects such as fatherhood, spirituality, and being members of a church community. KB underscores how Lecrae has provided insights and guidance that transcend the professional realm.

The collaborative song “Miracles” seamlessly embodies the depth of their friendship, underscoring their shared journey and faith. KB explains, “Everything that we do kind of flows out of an organic place. So, the song ‘Miracles’ just made sense for where our friendship is, what we’ve overcome as friends, and what we believe as children of God.”

“Miracles” serves as a reminder of God’s capacity to work miracles and a call to faith and trust. KB aims to encourage listeners to continue believing, hoping, and enduring through life’s challenges.

With “His Glory Alone II” boasting 16 tracks, KB’s music resonates with audiences across various platforms, spreading his message of faith and resilience.

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