Keith and Kristyn Getty Collaborate with CityAlight for a New Live Version of “In Christ Alone”

Keith and kristyn getty
Keith and Kristyn Getty

Renowned musicians Keith and Kristyn Getty have joined forces with the talented group CityAlight to release an exciting new live version of their iconic song, “In Christ Alone.” This collaboration brings a fresh and invigorating take on the beloved hymn, recorded live from Sydney.

Keith and Kristyn Getty, known for their contributions to modern hymnody, are delighted to present this rendition of “In Christ Alone” alongside CityAlight. The live recording captures the energy and spirit of the performance, creating a unique and captivating listening experience.

“In Christ Alone” has become a timeless anthem within Christian music, resonating with audiences around the world. Its powerful lyrics and melodic composition have touched the hearts and souls of countless listeners, reminding them of the unshakeable foundation found in Christ.

With this new live version, Keith and Kristyn Getty, along with CityAlight, infuse the song with a fresh energy and renewed passion. The collaboration showcases the collective talent and musical artistry of these celebrated artists, creating a memorable and inspiring rendition of this beloved hymn.

Fans of Keith and Kristyn Getty, as well as followers of CityAlight, can look forward to experiencing this powerful collaboration firsthand. The live recording from Sydney captures the essence of the performance, allowing listeners to be transported into the atmosphere of the event.

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