Lauren Daigle Caps Record-Breaking Year with Over $1 Million Donated Through Her Price Fund

Lauren daigle
Lauren Daigle

Grammy Award-winning singer Lauren Daigle is celebrating a remarkable year of philanthropy, closing out 2023 with over $1 million in donations through her charitable organization, The Price Fund. This impressive feat marks a record for the fund, which has steadily gained momentum since its inception in 2018.

Daigle’s generosity has impacted multiple organizations across various causes, including:

  • Music health and accessibility: Partnering with Music Health Alliance and KultureCity to establish a senior healthcare program and fund for music industry veterans, and installing sensory rooms in event venues across the US.
  • Education and arts access: Providing funding to music schools and organizations that allow children to learn through music and arts.

Moreover, Daigle actively encourages fan participation by donating a portion of every concert ticket from her ongoing Kaleidoscope Tour to The Price Fund. In 2023 alone, over 255,000 fans have joined this initiative, demonstrating the strong community built around Daigle’s philanthropic efforts.

“I formed The Price Fund to help make a positive impact in people’s lives and remind them they are not alone,” shared Daigle. “I am so proud of the work that we have been able to do over the last year and that fans can also play such a huge part in joining the effort to make a difference in the world. I am overjoyed about what is to come and what we can accomplish together.”

The Price Fund was established in 2018 to honor Daigle’s grandfather and initially focused on at-risk youth, children, and the elderly. Over the years, it has expanded its reach to support the arts, aiming to “instill hope and love among people, no matter their background.” To date, the fund has distributed nearly $3.5 million to non-profit organizations worldwide.

Daigle’s commitment to giving back extends beyond The Price Fund. Her partnership with Child Fund has resulted in over 12,500 children being sponsored through her tour dates in 2023 alone.

Daigle’s achievements extend far beyond philanthropy. She is a two-time Grammy winner and has received numerous other prestigious awards, solidifying her status as a major force in the music industry. Her self-titled album released earlier this year spawned the Grammy-nominated single “Thank God I Do,” which achieved massive success, topping the Billboard charts for a record-breaking 20 weeks.

It’s evident that Lauren Daigle is using her platform and talent to make a significant impact on the world, both through her music and her unwavering dedication to philanthropic initiatives. With her commitment to inspiring hope and making a difference, Daigle’s journey in music and philanthropy promises to continue captivating audiences and bringing positive change to countless lives.

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