Matt Maher and The Choir Room Unveil New Christmas Collaboration: “Go Tell It (Gloria)”

Matt maher
Matt Maher

Celebrated Canadian contemporary Christian music (CCM) artist, songwriter, and worship leader Matt Maher has joined forces with The Choir Room for a heartwarming Christmas release, “Go Tell It (Gloria).” As the holiday season approaches, this collaboration promises to resonate with audiences, blending the rich musicality of Maher with the harmonious voices of The Choir Room.

Listen to “Go Tell It (Gloria)” here

Matt Maher, known for his chart-topping albums and singles, including “Your Grace Is Enough,” “I Will Rise,” and “Because He Lives (Amen),” brings his unique touch to this festive collaboration. His notable writing credits, rooted in deep faith and contemplation, have made him a prominent figure in the Christian music landscape.

The Choir Room, recognized for their powerful vocal arrangements and dynamic performances, adds a layer of richness to “Go Tell It (Gloria).” Together, Maher and The Choir Room create a musical experience that captures the joy and essence of Christmas.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Matt Maher shares, “It’s a joy to release ‘Go Tell It (Gloria)’ with The Choir Room. This song is an invitation to celebrate the good news of Christmas and share it with the world. The collaboration with The Choir Room brings a unique and uplifting dimension to the song, and I’m excited for listeners to experience the joy of the season through this music.”

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