Mike Janzen Releases Third Album of Psalm Interpretations: “Songs from the Canyon”

Mike janzen
Mike Janzen

Celebrated artist, Mike Janzen, known for his diverse style blending jazz, pop, and classical influences, has independently released his third album of Psalm interpretations titled “Songs from the Canyon.” This album, which is available on digital and streaming platforms worldwide, offers a unique and powerful musical journey that explores the awe-inspiring landscapes of creation and the deep canyons of life’s suffering.

Produced by the award-winning Timothy Abraham, “Songs from the Canyon” is a profound and diverse sonic experience that features everything from soaring strings to a belting gospel choir. The album comprises 11 innovative compositions, each musically painting vivid textures inspired by the Book of Psalms. Among these compositions is the song “Steady,” accompanied by a compelling music video that premieres today on The Christian Beat. This anthem of hope is dedicated to those who have endured the lonely valleys of loss, family breakup, and injury. Janzen’s music, influenced by the Psalms, serves as a reminder of the steadfast love of God, which can carry people through life’s storms and tragedies.

The album also includes the track “Hallelujah (Psalm 104),” which Janzen recently performed on 100 Huntley Street. Other highlights on the album are “Took Hold,” featuring guest vocals by Stellar and GRAMMY Award-winner Dee Wilson, and the lead track “Echoes (Psalm 8),” which involves the collaboration of Indigenous Canadian artists Ray “Coco” Stevenson (Cree/Objibwe) and Jonathan Maracle (Mohawk Nation). This song explores the fingerprints of God throughout creation and our role as guardians of its beauty.

“Songs from the Canyon” Track Listing

  1. Echoes (Psalm 8)
  2. Hallelujah (Psalm 104)
  3. Took Hold (Psalm 18)
  4. Steady (Psalms)
  5. Wonderful (Psalm 139)
  6. How Long (Psalm 13)
  7. Canyons (Psalm 46)
  8. Great is the Lord (Psalm 96)
  9. Deep to Deep (Psalm 42)
  10. Have Mercy (Psalm 51)
  11. Circling (Psalm 22)

Mike Janzen, a gifted jazz pianist, composer, and arranger, has graced audiences across North America with his extraordinary talent. His music combines artistry with a desire to draw attention to the Creator, resonating deeply with the hearts of listeners.

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