Mission House Unveils New Single “Sing With All Your Heart” from Upcoming Live Album

Mission house
Creator: 3ElevenProduction Copyright: WILLIAM E. ARGUETA

Mission House has announced an upcoming live album, accompanied by the release of its first single, “Sing With All Your Heart.” This song exudes joy and a sense of unity, inviting believers to celebrate their belonging to Jesus and encouraging them to extend that same sense of belonging to others in their communities.

Collaborating with Matt Maher and Jacob Sooter, Mission House drew inspiration from the words of Paul in Philippians 4, which urge believers to rejoice, and from Jesus’ prayer in John 17, where He emphasizes the importance of unity among His disciples. “Sing With All Your Heart” is a call to action, prompting listeners to connect with one another, share their burdens, and embrace the needs that unite us all.

“In this age of polarization and disconnection, we need more than ever to find roads back to one another,” noted Taylor Leonhardt of Mission House. “Sing With All Your Heart” transcends the idea of mere community and fosters genuine, compassionate connections and a sense of belonging in a world marked by division.

Mission House’s live album is eagerly anticipated and is expected to deliver a collection of heartfelt and inspiring tracks that speak to the essence of faith, unity, and purpose. As believers engage with “Sing With All Your Heart,” they are invited to embody the message of the song by fostering genuine connections and extending love and belonging to those around them

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