Trip Lee Drops New Single “Standby” Featuring Hulvey

Trip lee
Trip Lee

Trip Lee has released his latest single, “Standby,” featuring Hulvey. Produced by Trip Lee himself, along with Lasanna “Ace” Harris and Joel McNeill, the song explores the theme of trusting God during challenging times.

In contrast to his previous single, “Confetti,” which focused on operating from a place of victory, “Standby” delves into the experience of trusting God when victory seems distant. Hulvey’s soulful hook conveys the message of relying on God even when facing difficulties.

Trip lee standby
Standby Cover

Trip Lee explains the inspiration behind the song, stating, “I made this song for those times where we feel overwhelmed and anxious. I always need reminders to stop chasing fake peace and stressing myself about things that are out of my control. ‘Standby’ is a reminder that God loves to carry our burdens for us, and we don’t have to bear that weight alone.”

This release marks the first collaboration between Trip Lee and Hulvey since 2020’s “Live Forever.” Trip Lee expresses his admiration for Hulvey, emphasizing their friendship and shared vision for creating meaningful music.

Listeners can enjoy “Standby” and its powerful message of trust and faith in God on all platforms here. The song serves as a source of encouragement during life’s challenges.

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