Nathan Sheridan Releases Uplifting Album Version of “Do You Know”

Nathan sheridan
Nathan Sheridan

Singer-songwriter and Amplo recording artist Nathan Sheridan has unveiled the album version of his soul-stirring single, “Do You Know.”

Originally released earlier this year to Christian radio and streaming platforms, the song showcases Sheridan’s emotive vocals, with a powerful opening verse leading into a soaring, celebratory chorus enhanced by a Gospel choir.

Crafted by songwriters Luke Nielsen, Jay Speight, and Phoebe Scott, and produced by Jay Speight, “Do You Know (Album Version)” extends a warm invitation to the prodigal to return home, offering a timely reminder of God’s profound love for His children. The lyrics resonate with messages of God’s unwavering support and His desire to bless His children repeatedly.

Nathan sheridan do you know
Do You Know Cover

“Do you know He dances at the sound of your name? Do you know He longs to bless you over and over again? He is for you beginning to end If you’ve ever wondered if it’s really true He loves you,” the lyrics echo, delivering a comforting and reassuring message of divine love and grace.

“In my own life, I’ve had times of feeling distant from God, so I hope listeners can draw parallels from this song to their own stories,” Nathan Sheridan shared. “God knows you; He is there in the midst of any circumstance, and He smiles at the sound of your name simply because you are His.”

Sheridan, deeply connected to the song’s message, believes that “Do You Know” carries a unique anointing. “I truly believe God is going to move through this song,” he emphasized. “It’s different from anything I’ve recorded before. When I heard it for the first time in the studio, I felt the anointing of its message, and I hope others will too.”

Listen to “Do You Know” on all platforms here and connect with Nathan Sheridan on Instagram

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