Rachael Nemiroff Releases Empowering Single “Honest to God” to Address Mental Health

Rachael nemiroff
Rachael Nemiroff

Breakout artist and songwriter Rachael Nemiroff has just unveiled her deeply personal and impactful new single, “Honest to God.” With this soul-stirring track, Nemiroff aims to draw attention to the critical issue of mental health, offering a message of hope, support, and encouragement to those who may be struggling.

In a heartfelt message shared on her social media platforms, Rachael Nemiroff expressed the profound meaning behind “Honest to God” and her desire to provide solace to individuals navigating the often challenging terrain of mental health. She particularly wants to extend a compassionate hand to those within the Christian community who may be grappling with mental health issues.

“If you’re a Christian struggling with your mental health, I hope this song can meet you where you’re at and remind you you’re not alone. I also hope that it is a gentle reminder to reach out for help – you don’t have to continue to suffer in silence, and I promise things do get better,” Nemiroff shared, underlining the importance of seeking support and assistance during difficult times.

Rachael nemiroff honest to god
Rachael Nemiroff Honest To God

Nemiroff’s own journey with mental health serves as a poignant backdrop for “Honest to God.” She candidly revealed a personal struggle she recently faced, emphasizing the power of opening up and seeking help. She disclosed that following an unexpected tragedy a year ago, she found herself grappling with intense anxiety that had been suppressed. The anxiety became overwhelming and began to affect her daily life.

“At times, the anxiety felt so crippling and scary that continuing to live this way just felt exhausting, and tbh… I wasn’t sure I wanted to somedays,” Nemiroff shared. It was then that she made the courageous decision to share her feelings with close friends and family and sought counseling to address her mental health challenges.

Nemiroff’s journey toward healing and self-discovery reflects the resilience of the human spirit. She acknowledged that through counseling and her faith, she was able to process her emotions, confront core wounds, and ultimately experience profound healing. “I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, and I feel like myself again,” she remarked.

Listen to “Honest to God” on all platforms here

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