Norman Lee Schaffer Releases Uplifting Single ‘Love Won’t Let Me Go’

Norman lee schaffer
Norman Lee Schaffer

Norman Lee Schaffer, renowned singer/songwriter and pastor, joyfully announces the debut of his new single “Love Won’t Let Me Go” on Christian AC and Christian Country radio. Extracted from his album “That’s My King,” this heartfelt song is now reaching audiences seeking a harmonious fusion of spiritual encouragement and musical artistry.

Produced by Schaffer, with Tracy Collins (Indiginus) and engineered by Ronny Cates (Petra), this single stands as a testament to Schaffer’s artistic prowess and dedication to conveying God’s word through music. Its evocative lyrics and melodic charm highlight the persistence of God’s love and grace.

Having shared stages with Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson, Norman Lee Schaffer brings his notable charm and dynamism to his music. His role as pastor of The Garden Worship Center in Belleview, Florida, showcases his unique worship style that melds theatricality with deep spiritual engagement, reflecting the compelling performances he’s celebrated for.

Schaffer and his family, including his wife, four children and one grandson, live in Florida where they planted and have served The Garden Worship Center for the past 14 years.

As the pastor of The Garden Worship Center, Schaffer is known for bringing theatrics and performance-based presentations to his congregation.
“There’s a little P.T. Barnum in me,” Schaffer has said in interviews, adding that he believes God uses his dramatics to help spread the message of His love.

The 55-acre scenic setting where The Garden brings the Bible to life is a one-stop destination capturing Schaffer’s creative musical talent intertwined in a Disney-like setting. You can find Schaffer or his wife, Terri, feeding camels, goats, llama or sheep or singing to his latest video release at the monthly Ice Cream & Musical Festival at the Garden Worship Center.

Schaffer records for The Garden Worship Center label, named for the church he serves.

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