Roscoe Crawley’s “Worthy is Your Name” – A Prophetic Anthem for a Generation

Worthy is Your Name
Worthy is Your Name

Uk-based singer Roscoe Crawley has unveiled a powerful new song titled “Worthy is Your Name,” meticulously crafted as a prophetic declaration for the younger generation. The heart behind the song is to ignite a revival among young people, uniting them around an anthem to worship Jesus and fostering a sense of hope and spiritual renewal.

The genesis of “Worthy is Your Name” originated during a prayer session at the beginning of 2021, where Roscoe and his friends fervently prayed for a revival among the student generation, yearning for a profound encounter with the power of Jesus’ name. This heartfelt prayer evolved into the inspiration for the song, with Roscoe’s desire to encapsulate the essence of their prayer within its lyrics and melody.

The song’s chorus, written as a prayer of hope, served as the foundational piece, with subsequent melodies and the prophetic bridge seamlessly intertwining to create a compelling and spiritually enriching musical narrative. Roscoe’s vision for “Worthy is Your Name” was to craft a song that transcends the boundaries of church settings, resonating with worshippers in living room worship evenings and Sunday gatherings alike.

“Worthy is Your Name” embodies a poignant prayer for the lost to find freedom in Jesus, serving as a vessel for individuals to encounter the boundless love of God. Roscoe hopes that this song becomes a source of empowerment and spiritual awakening for all who listen to it, fostering a deep connection with the divine and igniting a sense of purpose and hope.

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