Sean Rodriguez Shares New single “The Unbelievable”

Sean rodriguez
Sean Rodriguez

A rising star readily embraced for his charismatic, high-octane performances that kept audiences on their feet during last year’s 40-city Winter Jam tour, Sean BE stands poised for a fresh season of music and ministry as Sean Rodriguez. The new moniker, a nod to Rodriguez’s family faith heritage, sets the stage for two highly anticipated singles from the WieRok Entertainment recording artist.

“Forty years ago, my grandfather, Pastor Rodriguez, started an inner-city church in Denver that has served as a light to the community and has helped guide people in need, both spiritually and physically,” Rodriguez shares. “His commitment and obedience to God are major reasons that I am who I am today, and I am positive that his relentless prayers kept me returning to God no matter what happened in my life. Bearing the Rodriguez name symbolizes my thankfulness for all he’s done for me, and all he’s done for God. It is my honor to carry on the ministry calling God began in my grandfather many years ago.”

Sean rodriguez the unbelievable
Sean Rodriguez The Unbelievable

Opening Rodriguez’s new era is “The Unbelievable,” a worshipful pop anthem now available on streaming platforms. Co-penned by Rodriguez, Will Strotz, and Sidewalk Prophets’ Daniel Macal, the soaring track—also produced by Macal—celebrates God’s power to transform lives.

“Often our testimonies and life stories can seem hard to believe, but Ephesians 3:20 says that God ‘…is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…’” Rodriguez explains. “Incredible things can become reality simply because we believe in the God Who can do the unbelievable. In the Bible, every great victory came from an impossible situation and faith in a God Who is greater. Whatever we are facing, the God of the unbelievable will make a way.”

On the heels of “The Unbelievable,” Rodriguez showcases his hip-hop influences with “Glory,” arriving January 26. Featuring vocal contributions from singer/songwriter Holly Halliwell and produced by Walter Halliwell, the track was written by Rodriguez along with Walter and Holly Halliwell.

A bold cadence and pulsing bassline underscore the message of “Glory,” which warns of the dangers of chasing adulation: “We like attention/We want eyes in our direction/We like the lights the numbers/In love with our own reflections/and it’s such a rush/It’s such a struggle/When our intentions end up bending what our God intended.”

“So much of the music we’re surrounded by these days is unapologetically created to glorify self, so we wanted to write a song instead declaring that God is the only One worthy of glory—and we are completely unapologetic about that,” Rodriguez states. “Ultimately, humans can’t handle the weight of the glory we desire. There is only One who gets the glory, God.”

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