Sony Pictures’ ‘Journey To Bethlehem’ Official Trailer Released

Sony Pictures’ AFFIRM Films, in collaboration with Monarch Media, has released the official trailer for “Journey To Bethlehem” on September 13th.

The film features MŌRIAH, Joel Smallbone, and Lecrae and is set to hit theaters on November 10th. The director of the film, Adam Anders, is a renowned figure in the world of film and TV music, with an impressive track record, including over 100 million albums sold, 4 consecutive Grammy nominations, 2 Golden Globe wins, 2 People’s Choice Awards, and the record for the most single entries on the Billboard Hot 100.

Anders shared, “I first had the idea for the film years ago when I was looking for a musical to watch with my family at Christmastime. I want this movie to be a bright light this Christmas season — as bright as the star of Bethlehem.”

“Journey To Bethlehem” promises to be a heartwarming and inspiring film for the holiday season, and the trailer release builds excitement for its upcoming theatrical debut

Osafo Daniel
Osafo is the Co-Founder of Gospel Chapter. Beyond his editorial role he does PR, Digital Marketing, Web Development and SEO

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